Hi, We're Wetkiss

Welcome to Wetkiss – where Western flair meets modern style in our precision-crafted cowgirl boots. Celebrating the spirit of the wild west, our collection captures the essence of cowgirl culture with a perfect blend of rugged elegance and contemporary trends. Join us in redefining cowgirl boots for the modern, confident woman, where craftsmanship and chic design converge.


  • Founding Vision (1999):
    Established in 1999, WETKISS was envisioned by Snow and Sarah, two fashion enthusiasts dedicated to meeting the diverse fashion preferences of women and adolescent girls worldwide.
  • Artisan Beginnings:
    Commencing with handmade shoes in a garage, founder Mr. Pu, with a keen sense of fashion, experimented with materials and designs, initially gaining support from friends and family.
  • Expansion and Collaboration:
    Responding to increasing demand, Mr. Pu collaborated with a local factory to scale up production, introducing his creations to a wider audience through markets and fairs.
  • Brand Growth and Specialized Factories:
    With over two decades of experience and a robust industry chain, WETKISS has evolved, establishing its own brands (WETKISS, Jed&karar, ISNOM) and operating three specialized factories dedicated to production optimization and development.
  • Customer Confidence and Gratitude:
    With a commitment to quality, WETKISS has played a crucial role in helping countless women feel confident and comfortable in their shoes. The brand receives messages of gratitude from customers who appreciate footwear that fits perfectly and enhances their beauty.


100% Vegan

We have a deep appreciation for animals and nature, and as a commitment to our values, we refrain from using genuine leather in crafting our shoes. Instead, we opt for cutting-edge technology and premium environmentally friendly materials in our production process.


  • Our Core

Every woman deserves confident and comfortable shoes. We prioritize quality, comfort, and style, using top materials and craftsmanship to create lasting footwear. Our diverse range of styles and sizes ensures a perfect fit for every foot, embodying the fusion of functionality and fashion without compromise.

  • Our Responsibility

We believe in the interconnectedness of humanity and the shared responsibility to care for the Earth. Every enterprise should contribute to societal well-being. Our commitment to quality and sustainability, seen through positive environmental practices, sets us apart. We're enthusiastic about continuing to make a lasting difference in the years ahead.

  • Our Goal

Wetkiss boldly explores new western flair fashion frontiers, inspiring everyone to express their unique style and embrace the adventure of fashion beyond comfort zones. Crafted with passion and meticulous detail, our shoes are your companions on a journey of self-expression.