Original Design Protection

We Value and Respect Original Design

At Wetkiss, our boots are not just shoes, they're a piece of our creativity, passion, and dedication to bringing you unique and stylish footwear. Each pair is crafted with love and attention to detail, making them a true WETKISS original.

Our Against Plagiarism and Counterfeiting

We've recently uncovered that a competitor has replicated our original designs, including the hot pink rhinestone western boots, cow print boots, and leopard print boots, and is selling them at a lower price. While we appreciate the imitation as a form of flattery, it's crucial to keep our valued customers informed.

Be cautious of imitations that claim to offer the same quality and design. We cannot guarantee the authenticity, durability, or satisfaction you'll experience with these copies. Our shoes are more than just footwear, they are an integral part of the WETKISS experience, and we want you to have the authentic product.

Shop 'Real'

1. If you come across shoes with a design identical to ours on other platforms, kindly place your trust in us and seek out products carrying the "Wetkiss" brand. We prioritize the quality, craftsmanship, and authenticity of every item we offer, and you can also expect dependable after-sales service assurance.

2. When making a purchase of Wetkiss footwear, please verify the URL. If the URL does not begin with https://wetkiss.com/, there is a considerable chance that you are navigating a fraudulent website.

3. If you're still not sure, we're happy to help! Please Contact Us and we'll assist you ASAP.

Reporting Plagiaris and Counterfeits

You can report infringing and counterfeit listings through our contact form, which you can click HERE or simply report by emailing us at support@wetkiss.com.

We appreciate your admiration and support for WETKISS unique creations. We are always here to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

We appreciate your admiration and support for our unique creations.