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Wetkiss 2024 LookBook

Explore the weekly or monthly best sellers and fashion trends from Wetkiss, and discover stylish ways to pair them with western boots.

January 2024

New Year, New Wardrobe: January Fashion that Dazzles!

The Faith-A

Introducing our top-selling called 'Faith', which represents the belief in western style, freedom, and female power.

Crafted using premium materials such as high-quality boot fabrics and rhinestones, it undergoes meticulous handmade construction by master artisans with a minimum of 20 years of experience. This is more than just a pair of shoes; it's a wearable piece of art.

The Starla

If you love stars, you must have this pair of cowgirl boots called 'Starla,' which wishes for a perpetual starlight to illuminate your life.

We use high-quality rhinestones and environmentally friendly glue, which are not easy to fall off. The comfortable chunky heel allows you to wear it all day without feeling tired. If you want to light up your luck in January in 2024, choose this pair!

February 2024

Dive in Pink in This Romantie Month.

The Meadow-E

Who can resist a pair of pink denim western boots?

Specially designed bright pink milk pattern, paired with tassels of the same color. Decorated with golden rivets, you will become the most shining queen of the west